McMillan Studio and Friends Party, Hillandale Park Sept 17-11

Elijah in Germany, Spring 2010

Spring Semester party with Bach Aria Group 2010

Spring Semester party 2010

Martha and our studio photo

Group 2009-2010

Welcome Studio BBQ, Fall 2009


  1. Evening,

    I was sitting here, relaxing at home, you-tubing Jessye Norman “Ihr Habt nun Traurigkeit” (one of my favorite pieces) and I began to reminise on my days at UWO. Then I started googling old classmates (Heather, Jamie, Aaron) to see whether I could find out how they are doing in their music careers and I came across your website.

    It has been many years but I have not forgotten your kindness, encouragement and enthusiasm that you shared with me while I attended UWO for music. Thank you.

    Now with that introduction I suppose I should let you know who this is. I don’t know if you would remember me but I was in your studio from 2001-2005. My name is Carita Edwards and although I didn’t end up pursuing a music career I am grateful for the experience I had with you at UWO. I don’t think I ever got the chance to let you know how much I appreciated your guidance. I was very insecure about my voice and it is only now that I can fully grasp that I wasn’t very confident about my abilities but some how you saw something in me and kept on encouraging me. As they say, with age comes knowledge and realization. I thank you for your patience as you tried to teach me to become a better artist.

    I see that you have moved on from UWO to pursue other opportunities. I trust that you are doing well in your new pursuits.

    Its so nice to see all the smiling faces of your students in your website and your continued dedication to their development.

    Anyway, something in me could not leave the website without leaving a messaging…so here it is 🙂

    Take care and all the best,

    Carita Edwards


    • Carita…of course I remember you – and your splendid voice! I had really a wonderful time teaching you, and I’m very happy that you remember that time with a smile. I trust that life is treating you well, and that I might catch up with you again soon. Best, Kevin


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